Complete Transmission and Engine Replacement
in Somerset, PA

K & D Auto Electric Inc. Complete Transmission and Engine Replacement

When you need complete transmission and engine replacement in Somerset, PA, choose K & D Auto Electric Inc. Maximizing the life of your vehicle means staying ahead of your potential engine problems. That is why our experienced team offers complete transmission and engine replacement. We know how difficult it can be to have your engine stall out while you are on the road. Let us help you stay one step ahead of potential problems. Call our shop today at (814) 443-3615 for an appointment to keep your car running smooth.

Offering Thorough Transmission Work Every Day on the Job

Our qualified staff specializes in a wide array of transmission services. We can help with the diagnostics and programming work. That helps to give you a clearer picture of your automotive issues. We can handle your transmission fluid and filter needs and clean your transmission pan. Our staff knows how to handle both automatic and manual transmissions. Find out today why our friends and neighbors trust us with their transmission needs.


Exceptional Engine Replacement to Make Your Car Run Like New Again

Sometimes, your engine will no longer be repairable. That is when you need exceptional engine replacement services. Our superior repairmen know what kind of engine works with a wide variety of vehicles. That ensures you get the best fit so you can get your car back on the road safely. We do all of this quality work with great attention to detail at a great price. Contact us online when you need your engine to receive some exceptional attention. You can always trust K & D Auto Electric Inc.

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Rely on K & D Auto Electric Inc. for excellent complete transmission and engine replacement work in Somerset, PA.